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Our Story

Little Boom Games is owned and operated by Allen Sparks and his wife.

Little Boom Games was created in 2019 by Allen to be a solo dev indie video game studio. A part time venture while still maintaining a traditional job. Much of 2019 was spent training and learning different skillsets needed to be a solo developer. It was in 2020 that work started on the first project, code named "Project Darkness" (we will reveal more in the future once the project reaches a true "alpha" state). The work on the project has been slow, but is progressing.


Before creating the company Allen had been exploring 3D printing, starting in 2018 with the purchase of a Creality CR-10S FDM printer. FDM stands for fused deposition modeling, defined as an additive process where a material is fused together layer by layer in a specified pattern to create a 3D object. For a 3D printer this process is to melt a thin plastic wire and squeeze the melted plastic out a narrow nozzle layer by layer to create a 3D model. Allen began to print miniatures for his tabletop RPG (Dungeons & Dragons) game sessions. For personal use the quality was fine but never met a standard we would want to sell the prints.

In 2021 we began to looking for ways to bring in revenue for the company while work on the project continues. Drawing on Allen's prior experience with 3D printing, we looked into a different type of 3D printer technology, SLA or "resin". SLA stands for Stereolithography, defined as an additive manufacturing process that is based on the ultraviolet curing of a photosensitive polymer material. A liquid UV sensitive resin is exposed to a UV pattern using a laser or LCD screen. This causes the exposed resin to harden and form a layer. This exposure is repeated layer after layer to build a 3D model. This process provides for substantially better quality of final model and is in many cases faster.

We bought our first "resin" printer, an Elegoo Mars 2, and began printing and selling miniatures. While we still have a heavy focus on the miniatures we also now offer services for printing on demand user provided models.

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