A 3D printed miniature figure for use in Tabletop RPGs, Wargaming, or board games. 

This miniatures has a 1 inch base and would be considered a "Medium" size creature in the Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder rpg systems.

Please see pictures for a reference image of the comparison of creature sizes.

The miniature is printed in grey and is unpainted and unprimed. (Images are renders of model that will be printed). In limited testing we have found that our miniatures do not require priming before painting. Also standard spray paint and/or model paint works well for painting.


  • The miniature is scaled with a 32mm scale.

    Scale refers to base measurement or ratio that is applied when sizing a scale model. Most tabletop figures are scaled with the reference being the eye level height of an average adult male.For example 28mm scale means an average adult male model would be 28mm from the top of the base to the eyes of the model. 

    Please see pictures for a reference image comparing the different scales.

    The designers we are licensed with use 28mm, 32mm, and 35mm.The scale has some slight variance between designers due to creative liberies and diffences of the artists.